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Hello Dearie’s and lovely readers, I know it’s been like forever. I’ve just been unsettled lately. My apologies. It’s a great season celebrating the resurrection of Christ, so in the mood of celebration I bring to you a sumptuous meal. Don’t forget to keep supporting me. Happy Easter!!! You are strong Many has broken downContinue reading “More”

The Key To Happiness

Happiness is an important attribute that everyone needs in life, but we make the mistake of handling our key to happiness to someone or something else. Which is the first step to unhappiness. Don’t allow someone else be the determinant of your happiness. Be a happy person, don’t give someone else the key to yourContinue reading “The Key To Happiness”

The Power In You

There’s a power in rediscovering oneself, the power in owning your own voice, the joy of picking up yourself from the floor and dusting your butt to move on. The fulfilment you get when you look back into your past then smile and say “I’m proud of the person I’ve become” Knowing your self worthContinue reading “The Power In You”

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