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Just Because

There are some mistakes some of us make, when starting a romantic relationships which later hunt us, especially for those of us who still believe in the will of God, whereby when trial comes, we start asking God ” Didn’t you chose this man or woman for me? Or was I wrong doing your will”Continue reading “Just Because”

A Touch Of Love

Just one touch of love can bring about so many positivity, it can help someone do away with suicide thoughts, it can make a rebellious person become a better person, love isn’t all about receiving, it’s about giving out too. Many of those who have suicidal thoughts, do so because, in one way or theContinue reading “A Touch Of Love”

A Break From The Past

Its amazing how we sometimes want to run past our shadows, forgetting that our shadow is part of us. Running away from your past, forgetting that this past is part of you. There is a decision you need to make, if you know this past could hunt and hurt you someday, no matter how scaredContinue reading “A Break From The Past”

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